How can I apply?

All the information on these pages is intended for degree-seeking applicants. If you are an exchange student, please consult Admissions.

Are you already familiar with the entrance requirements?

Unless stated otherwise, the following aspects apply to all the degree programmes at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences. The application procedure depends partly on your chosen degree programme.

Making it easier for you

  • At Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, we do not charge any application fees.
  • You do not need to send any original documents or certified copies.
  • After deadlines close, you can consult the status of your application online.
  • The results will reach you in time to obtain your visa – allow at least two weeks after the application deadline closes.

Admission dates and deadlines

Most degree programmes begin twice per year, i.e. in September (winter semester) and March (summer semester). A few programmes begin only once (winter semester).

Application deadlines:

  • 15 July for the winter semester
  • 15 January for the summer semester

Important: For applicants from outside the European Union, earlier deadlines frequently apply, i.e. 15 May and 15 November respectively. Make sure that you observe the deadline that applies to the programme of your choice!

Application procedure

You can apply online for most degree programmes, but in some cases (e.g. international programmes), special procedures and forms are required. For this reason always follow the instructions for the programme you have chosen; otherwise, your application will most likely not be taken into consideration.

The online application is available during a certain period, in general approx. two months before the application deadline.

One more thing: Please refrain from enquiring (on the phone or in any other way) about your status during the admission process. You can log in to the application platform to stay informed. Thank you for your cooperation!

Did you know?

  • You can apply for up to three different degree programmes.
  • If you are not admitted after the first attempt, you can apply again in exactly the same way.
  • Even if you have not been shortlisted, you still might receive a university place through a clearing process: vacancies created by previously selected applicants who choose not to enrol are offered to those on a ranked waiting list.
  • The chance of admission is higher for the summer semester.