Applying for bachelor's studies

All bachelor's degree programmes begin twice per year (September & March). The deadlines are 15 July and 15 January, and the application is completed online; a few exceptions to this rule are explicitly stated.

Online Application


All international applicants are required to have their documents validated by Studienkolleg Konstanz.

Applicants from non-German speaking countries must also submit proof of sufficient language proficiency, as well as certified translations of their documents.

As soon as you have obtained the higher education entrance qualification certificate from the Studienkolleg Konstanz as well as the proof of German language proficiency (DSH or equivalent), you can apply online for the degree programme of your choice.

For almost all bachelor's degree programmes you have to apply online. This means entering all your personal and academic data into the application platform. Once uploaded, you will see a list of all the required documents (CV, previous degree, academic reports, etc.).

Brief description of the application for university start

Thereafter you will need to print and submit your application form (Antrag auf Zuweisung einesStudienplatzes) along with all your other documents to the Admissions Office as hard copies by normal post.


We do not return any application documents. Please do not send any original documents or any kind of folders, protectors or binders, etc.

You will need to submit:

  • the application form (Antrag auf Zuweisung eines Studienplatzes),
  • a complete CV (form available online),
  • proof of orientation test,
  • certificate from Studienkolleg Konstanz,
  • proof of language proficiency (DSH or equivalent, English certificates if applicable).

Specific application procedures

Electrical Engineering (BSc) with a focus on Automation and Industrial Internet of Things or with a focus on
Power Engineering and Renewable Energies
Application form
German-French BSc in Chemical Engineering / Process Engineering[German-French]
German-French BSc in Mechanical Engineering [German-French]
Bachelor of Arts in Communication DesignDepartment's website (in German)


To apply for Mechanical Engineering, you must hand in proof of having completed an internship (Vorpraktikum).

If you are already a student at a German university and want to start a bachelor's degree programme at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, you will need to include your complete academic reports, your Exmatrikulation (proof of disenrolment) if applicable, as well as an official statement concerning your entitlement to take exams.

If you would like to change from your current degree programme at a different German university into a higher semester at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, please consult the list ofdocuments required.

Always check if any specific documents are required for your choice of degree programme.

Special deadlines

BSc Electrical Engineering (with a focus on Automation and Industrial Internet of Things or with a focus on Power Engineering and Renewable Energies)

For the winter semester (September)

  • 15 May for non-EU citizens
  • 15 July for EU citizens

German-French Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering / Process Engineering

  • 30 April for the following winter semester

German-French Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering

  • 31 May for the following winter semester