Applying For master's studies

Depending on the programmes, postgraduate studies begin either twice or only once per year and the application process may differ (see below).

Please follow the specific instructions for each master's degree programme, and remember to always check the respective application deadlines for your selected programme!

Online Application


For most master's degree programmes, you have to apply online. This means entering all your personal and academic data in the application platform. Once uploaded, you will see a list with all the required documents (CV, previous degree certificate, academic reports, etc.).

Next, you will need to print out and submit your application form (Antrag auf Zuweisung einesStudienplatzes) along with all the other required documents to the Admissions Office – as hard copies via normal post.

Applicants from non-German speaking countries must also submit proof of language proficiency, as well as certified translations of their documents. In some cases, the documents will need validation from the Studienkolleg Konstanz.


We do not return any application documents. Please do not send any original documents or any kind of folders, protective covers or binders, etc.

You will need to submit:

  • the application form (Antrag auf Zuweisung eines Studienplatzes),
  • a complete CV (form available online)
  • academic reports, bachelor's degree, etc.,
  • proof of language proficiency (DSH or equivalent, English certificates if applicable),
  • • possibly a certificate from the Studienkolleg Konstanz.

Always remember to check which specific documents are required for your selected degree programme.

Specific application procedures

MSc in Biotechnology

Application form


MSc in Computer Science (Informatik)

Online application via Department's site


German-French MSc in Chemical Engineering[German-French]
German-French MSc in Mechanical Engineering[German-French]
MA in Communication DesignDepartment's website
MA in Social WorkDepartment's website

Special deadlines

MSc in Biotechnology
  • 15 November for the following summer semester
  • 15 May for the following winter semester
German-French MSc in Chemical Engineering
  • 30 April for the following winter semester   
German-French MSc in Mechanical Engineering
  • 31 May for the following winter semester