Biological Chemistry

Bachelor of Science

Languages of Instruction / Examination: German

Qualification Profile of the Graduate: Learning is based on a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. The aims are to provide students the opportunity to acquire the knowledge base, professional DS BCB Page 2 of 5 awareness, critical faculty, interpretative and communicative skills and ethical responsibility expected of informed professionals working within specialist. 

Biological chemistry involves the study of the molecular foundations of life by closely relating chemistry, the science of molecules and their transformation, to the understanding of biological systems and their manipulation. It involves research on the function of biomolecules and biological processes, both in vitro and in the cellular context, to develop new analytical technologies and chemical synthesis processes for detailed analysis and manipulation of biological phenomena and structures. Alongside the development of new analytical methods, another main field of application is the development of pharmaceutical agents. 

The Biological Chemistry programme provides students with a wide range of specialist knowledge and skills in the areas outlined above. In the interface between chemistry and biology the course teaches basic natural sciences, in particular aspects of organic chemistry, biochemistry and analysis. Further main study fields are bioanalysis and genome analysis, providing the basis for medical diagnostics and drug development. The graduate achieves an understanding of complex chemical-biological questions in the medical-pharmaceutical context. The wide theoretical and practical specialist knowledge and skills enable the graduate to conduct independent work on problems and develop adequate solutions and strategies.

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Diploma Supplement

The function of this Diploma Supplement is to elaborate on the information provided by the Bachelor-Urkunde (graduation certificate) and the Bachelor-Zeugnis (transcript) awarded by Mannheim University of Applied Sciences.