Bachelor of Science

Languages of Instruction/Examination: German

Qualification Profile of the Graduate: The programme is structured into 2 semester basic study and 5 semester main study including a work experience semester and the Bachelor thesis.

Learning is based on a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. The aims are to provide students the opportunity to acquire the knowledge base, professional awareness, critical faculty, interpretative and communicative skills and ethical responsibility expected of informed professionals working within specialist. 

In studying Telecommunications and Electronics at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, the students benefit from a practically-oriented curriculum, close contacts to local industry and a wide choice of projects. The laboratories have state of the art equipment and provide contact with professional life. 

The basic study program of the first academic year covers 10 mandatory courses in 

  • Mathematics and Physics 
  • Electrical Engineering and Electronics 
  • Applied Computer Sciences 
  • Object-Oriented Programming 

The main study program of semester 3 through 7 covers 16 mandatory courses in mathematics, electrical engineering, business administration, communications and electronics, 4 electives, the practical study semester and the bachelor thesis. 

The mandatory courses cover  

  • Mathematical Fundamentals of Communications 
  • Digital and Analog Electronics 
  • Material and Components 
  • Digital Signal Processing 
  • Control Systems 
  • Embedded Systems 
  • RF and Microwave Systems 
  • Communication Systems 
  • Sensor Electronics 
  • Design of Integrated Circuits 
  • Business Administration

The 4 elective courses allow specialization in different areas of interest. They have to be chosen from an approved list. One of them may be a language course or of other nontechnical content. The work experience semester is devoted to practical project work in a company or non-educational institution. It is supported by 2 courses in project organization. 

The Bachelor Thesis of 3 months duration in the final semester is accompanied by a seminar on thesis projects.

Further information can be found on Department of Information Technology


Diploma Supplement

The function of this Diploma Supplement is to elaborate on the information provided by the Bachelor-Urkunde (graduation certificate) and the Bachelor-Zeugnis (transcript) awarded by Mannheim University of Applied Sciences.