Rhine-Neckar Graduate School

With global competition getting keener all the time, continuing education has become one of the key prerequisites for both individual and corporate success. Acquisition of the latest know-how is absolutely essential to keep in touch with progress in any field. Continuing education at the Rhine-Neckar Graduate School is designed to make the transfer of newly acquired knowledge to the practical sphere as easy as possible.

Continuing education at the Rhine-Neckar Graduate School combines applicability with front-edge science. The School provides tailor-made solutions for professionals and companies.

The Rhine-Neckar Graduate School is an institution run jointly by the Mannheim and Ludwigshafen universities of applied sciences. With its top-level international contacts it provides continuing scientific education geared to practical requirements, as well as consulting services and Master degree programmes operating at the cutting edge of present-day knowledge and expertise. To this end it collaborates with renowned industrial and business partners. From the planning stage onwards, companies from the relevant branches of industry are involved in the study programmes to ensure that the subject matter is in line with actual requirements. All teaching staff have extensive practical experience in their different fields.

The Rhine-Neckar Graduate School offers Master degree programmes in a broad range of subjects, including engineering, engineering management, information technology, business management and consulting. In addition, it organises seminars tailored to the specific requirements of individual companies. For this purpose it can draw upon first-class specialist knowledge in science and technology, business management, design, foreign language instruction and the social sciences.