Master of Science

The department of Biotechnology offers an international MSc programme in Biotechnology. 

Students with a Bachelor’s degree in the relevant fields have the opportunity to increase their knowledge, deepen their skills and improve their opportunities for future employment worldwide. 

The courses are held exclusively in English, enabling international students to take advantage of the outstanding study programmes and superior lab facilities that the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences offers. Similarly, German students now have the opportunity to be trained in the language that will make them internationally competitive in their later professions. 

The master program offers two focuses: Biomedical Science and Technology and
Bioprocess Development.

Further information can be found on Department of Biotechnology.


Professor Petra Kioschis-Schneider
Course Leader
p.kioschis (at)
+49  0)621 292-6523

Stephanie Schwarzelbach 
s.schwarzelbach (at)
+49 (0)621 292-6402

John Clear 
j.clear (at)
+49 0)621 292-6133


Diploma Supplement

The purpose of this Diploma Supplement is to explain the Master-Urkunde (graduation
certificate) and the Master-Zeugnis (transcript) provided by Mannheim University of Applied Sciences.