Computer Science

Though computer science is still a relatively young discipline, it probably affects our everyday lives more than any other branch of learning. Computer technology is ubiquitous, whether in cars, mobile phones or the World Wide Web. Whereas the word “computer” was still largely unknown 40 years ago, today about 70% of all German households are linked up to the internet. Personal computers have become just as much a part of our lives as televisions and refrigerators. All over Europe the computer industry is one of the most powerful engines for economic growth.

The first computer science course at the Hochschule Mannheim was introduced back in 1974. This made the University one of the first in Germany to give this scientific discipline academic status.

The Bachelor and Master courses on offer in Mannheim concentrate mainly on software development in the field of practical and applied computer technology. The term “practical computer technology” refers to all the software needed to make a computer function. As such, it encompasses subjects like operating systems, programming languages and methods, algorithms and data structures, and distributed systems. “Applied computer technology” is mainly devoted to the uses to which computers can be put. The application fields the Department concentrates on are general technology, business management and medicine. Here the subjects taught include robotics, business information systems, knowledge processing and telemedicine.

The Department also cooperates with the University of Heidelberg in providing a course on technical translation entitled Translation Studies for Information Technologies. 

Front-edge laboratory equipment with an ample supply of workplaces in a modern building make for ideal study conditions. The practical nature of the study programmes and close contact with IT companies in the region provide graduates with excellent job prospects. Numerous internationally respected enterprises of this kind with major computer technology departments are situated in the immediate vicinity, among them SAP, Siemens. IBM, SAS, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, ABB and NEC.