How can one optimise corporate production and logistics processes? What are the methods of choice for making a success of complex projects? Do technical innovations make good economic sense under the prevailing conditions? How can technically sophisticated products and services be given the best marketing pitch? Questions of this kind are the daily bread of engineering managers. Their all-round expertise is at a premium in interface sectors calling for both business management skills and technological know-how.

To live up to these requirements the study programmes at the Department of Engineering and Management are strongly interdisciplinary in nature. They encompass engineering, information technology, business management and law, plus the integrated application of these different disciplines wherever they intersect, for example in quality, project and innovation management. This interdisciplinary approach is just as prominent in the theoretical and practical stages of the various courses. Students are also given systematic and thorough training in foreign languages and social skills. 

The Department of Engineering and Management offers consistently application-oriented courses at Bachelor and Master level, drawing upon variegated and intensive contacts with regional and national branches of industry for the purpose. The work experience semester (internship) integrated into the Bachelor programme, course work involving case studies and exercises closely modelled on reality and degree thesis assignments made in conjunction with companies working in the relevant fields all ensure that students are thoroughly acquainted with the tasks awaiting them in their later jobs.

Simulation games, case studies and project-oriented assignments are just as much a part of the study programmes at the Department of Engineering Management as learning in small groups. For many years, rankings and student satisfaction surveys have established the Department’s reputation as a front runner among the institutions of higher education providing training in the engineering management sector.