Before you arrive

Dear exchange students, dear international degree-seeking students,

Have you been admitted to one of our study programmes in the coming semester?

Congratulations. We’re looking forward to welcoming you at Hochschule Mannheim, University of Applied Sciences.

Our helpful Welcome Guide  for international students will outline what to do next.

Courses for exchange students: You can find out more here.


Please remember:

  • Should you decide not to accept the place offered to you, please let us know as soon as possible. Other applicants on the waiting list will be glad.
  • All the steps described below have to occur on a timely basis. Begin today before it's too late.
  • Check your admission letter for the registration period. You will need to arrive in Mannheim on time.
  • As an international student, it’s important to contact our International Office as well as your future department. They will make things easier for you, such as finding accommodation or arriving in Mannheim. Additionally, they will provide you with information about language courses and introductory events taking place before the start of the semester.

The entry requirements for the Federal Republic of Germany vary depending on the country of origin. Please inquire at the German diplomatic mission in your home country whether you need a visa. Information on this can also be found on the Federal Government's "Make it in Germany" website.

The application process can take a long time, so please apply as soon as possible to ensure you make it to Mannheim on time!

The DAAD offers a good overview of the visa application process

In order to be issued a student visa, non-EU citizens must submit proof of financial resources to the German authorities. Applicants need to demonstrate that they can cover their minimum amount required for living expenses in Germany during their period of study: EUR 861.00 per month. You can submit either proof of personal or parental funding, and/or proof of scholarship funding.

Please consult our information on living expenses in Mannheim.

As is often the case in university towns, low-budget but conveniently located accommodation is in high demand.

Whatever kind of accommodation you prefer, those who start searching early will have the greatest selection to choose from.

Information for exchange and double degree students:

We will try to arrange rooms for our international exchange and double degree students in student dormitories of the Studierendenwerk Mannheim. The rooms, all with internet access, are mostly furnished single rooms in shared flats (with shared kitchen and bathroom). Washing machines and dryers are available to residents. The university and the city center can be easily reached from the dormitory, as they are well connected to the public transport network and many of them can be reached by bike or even on foot from the campus.

Please wait until we send you the information about the living space and the online application link.

Information for international degree-seeking students within the international study degree Electrical Engineering:

We will try to arrange rooms for you in student dormitories of the Studierendenwerk Mannheim. Please wait until we send you the information about the living space and the online application link.

Student halls of residence

As an international student in Mannheim, you are, of course, free to search for accommodation on your own upon arrival. Nevertheless, to ensure that you have a place to stay when you arrive, we recommend that you apply for a room in a student hall of residence for at least the first semester.

Mannheim Student Services (Studierendenwerk) manage approx. 20 student halls of residence and provide accommodation for students of both Mannheim University and Mannheim University of Applied Sciences (admission to a degree programme is required). Rooms, all with internet access, are mostly furnished single rooms in shared apartments (with shared kitchens and bathrooms). Washing machines and dryers are available for residents.

You can easily reach the university and the city centre from the halls of residence since they are well connected to the public transportation network and many of them are in cycling or even walking distance of the campus. The monthly rent including all costs ranges between EUR 200 and EUR 290 (including heating and hot water). Other forms of accommodation such as one-person or family apartments may be available on request.

Here you can gain an impression of the halls of residence. Please note that not all of them offer vacancies for our students, and that the rooms are granted depending on availability – first come, first serve!

Mannheim Student Services (Housing)


Private accommodation

Private rooms are available in individual apartments i.e. as flat-sharing, or even in families, but these housing arrangements cannot be organised by Mannheim University of Applied Sciences.

The Mannheim Student Services offer a private accommodation service. Even if you choose to search on your own, please refer to their list of tips – it is extremely useful!


Also go to All about Housing

Visit Your way to us and find out how to travel to Mannheim.

  • Make sure that you arrive at the correct date — not too early and not too late.
  • Choose a convenient day and hour — a cheap flight can become expensive once you arrive.
  • Ask the IO and/or your Department if they can arrange a pick-up at Mannheim Central Station.

For enrollment at a German university, it is mandatory to present an insurance certificate from a German statutory health insurance company. Without this proof of health insurance, which can also be used for your visa (see below), you cannot be enrolled at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences. A list of all statutory German health insurance companies can be found here.  

Incoming students from EU countries and Turkey 

In most cases, EU citizens have an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) and do not have to take out additional health insurance in Germany. You only have to present the EHIC to a German statutory health insurance company and an insurance certificate will be issued.

Students from Turkey should request a copy of the relevant document (this has other names) from their insurer and send it to a German statutory health insurance company. If you have sufficient provisions, you will be released and receive an insurance certificate. Alternatively, you can also insure yourself with a German statutory health insurance company.

Incoming students from non-EU countries 

If you do not have EU citizenship and     

  • If you do not have health insurance, you must take out German statutory health insurance. You are free to choose the insurer and the services of all providers are the same. These services are regulated by law.  
  • If you have valid health insurance in your home country for your stay abroad, you can be exempted from the obligation to take out additional insurance. A representative of a statutory health insurance company decides whether all the requirements for an exemption are met. For example, if you have travel or other health insurance with a cap or expiration date, it will not usually be accepted. Only insurance with no upper limit or end date can be accepted and the German health insurance company will advise you. However, we strongly advise exchange students from countries outside the European Union to take out additional statutory health insurance in Germany, even if your health insurance can be accepted from home. The advantages are:         
    • You have insurance coverage that every doctor/hospital here understands and accepts,        
    • You have very comprehensive coverage at no extra cost,        
    • You don't have to pay in advance, and        
    • You have insurance that the immigration authorities accept without reservation when you apply for your residence permit. 

A German statutory health insurance costs about 108 euros per month for students.

  • Do not forget to purchase sufficient travel insurance for your journey to Germany.
  • As an exchange student, you need to observe any additional insurance requirements that might appear in the respective agreement between your home institution and Mannheim University of Applied Sciences.
  • Degree-seeking students are highly encouraged to purchase third-party liability insurance as well as accident insurance (including repatriation in case of severe illness or death).

Apart from organising all the practical aspects, you can also use the time before your departure in many ways.

  • If you are about to start a bachelor's course, you can test your prior knowledge and/or register for a preparation course.
  • Even if you have been admitted to a master's degree course, consult the corresponding module descriptions. Reading up on or refreshing your background knowledge could give you a boost at the start of your studies.
  • Regardless of your level, it’s always possible to improve on your command of foreign languages. Brush up on your German, use the media for training purposes, inform yourself about our German courses and stay in touch with our coordinator.
  • Learn more about the culture you are about to dive into. Check out our Tips for living in Germany.
  • Study the information on our webpages until you know everything there is to know about your prospective university.

Informationen auf Deutsch finden Sie hier.

Welcome Guide

Our Welcome Guide (in German and English) will help you prepare for the semester abroad and also guide you during your studies.