Academic year

Academic calendar available for download on the Intranet

At most German universities the academic year consists of two semesters with 15 weeks of teaching each:

  • The first semester runs from September to February. This part of the year is autumn/fall and winter in Europe, and for that reason it is referred to as the Wintersemester. The lectures begin in the last week of September and end in January, with two additional weeks of exams.
  • The second semester runs from March to August, which corresponds to spring and summer in Europe, and is thus called the Sommersemester. Classes usually begin in the second week of March and run to the end of June. The exams take place in July.
  • Block courses and other activities are offered between semesters.
    International students may be expected to attend short intensive German language courses. For more details, please consult the German coordinator

The academic year includes longer breaks in winter (Christmas) and in spring (either Easter or Pentecost) as well as different public holidays (see below).

During the semester, different academic events are scheduled. Please consult the events calendar on our German site.

Public holidays in Baden-Württemberg, Germany

  • New Year's Day (1 January)
  • Epiphany (6 January)
  • Easter
  • May Day/Labor Day (1 May)
  • Ascension 
  • Whit Monday 
  • Corpus Christi 
  • National Day (3 October)
  • All Saints Day (1 November)
  • Christmas (25/26 December)