First semester students

International office

Welcome Days for international students

You will receive: 

  • information relating to all formalities for  studying at the Hochschule Mannheim (registration, enrolment, exams, etc.) 
  • information about facilities of the Hochschule Mannheim (faculties, labs, libraries, computer-pool, student cafeterias etc.) 
  • information relating to formalities regarding your status as a foreigner in Mannheim residence registration, residence permit, health insurance, etc.) 
  • tours, events, sightseeing (excursions, museums, etc.) 

Department of Electrical Engineering 

BSc Automation Technology
BSc Power Engineering and Renewable Energies

The Department of Electrical Engineering offers first semester students great support in adjusting to student life by providing professors who supervise small groups of students:  

  • Meetings with the respective supervising professor are to take place regularly e.g. every 2, 3 or 4 weeks. 
  • The students are to attend the meetings regularly. 
  • The topics of the meetings are determined by the group itself. In order to avoid misunderstandings: Mentoring is not private tuition.

Possible topics are as follows: 

  • Learning and work techniques 
  • Time management 
  • Getting to know the Department of Electrical Engineering and the course of study by explaining study contents, laboratory tours, etc. 
  • Revision of examinations 
  • Feedback on lectures, excercises, laboratory experiments

The secretary's office assigns students to professors.