Your first steps

At the very beginning, you will spend some time running errands. The chronological order may vary depending on your individual situation.

To help you keep track of what you need to do, we provide the following check list.

On campus

Our International Office is your main point of contact. They offer:

  • comprehensive advice and a brochure in several languages,
  • your accommodation contract (if you are staying in a hall of residence),
  • assistance with signing up for your health insurance,
  • the opportunity to sign up for the Welcome Days.

Additionally, there are some other important things to look into:

If you have contacted the coordinator in advance, you’ll have already received the current guidelines.

For those starting in September, intensive language courses are offered three weeks before the lectures begin. We highly recommend that you attend these courses. Nearly every previous student has participated! They are free of charge for our registered students and provide an excellent foundation for the next stage in your life.

If you arrive after September or in March, you will begin with the regular German courses.

In either case, you’ll take a placement test to determine which language level suits your needs best. Please consult the schedule or ask the coordinator to find out where and when the tests take place.

The IO will have notified the Admissions Office of your registration. Since you come from one of our partner universities, you are exempt from some fees. Your advisor at the IO will tell you how much you have to pay and how you can do so.

If you need a certificate of arrival, such as for Erasmus+, they will provide it.

If you have been awarded one of the scholarships managed by Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, the IO will administer the payments.

The programme coordinator at your department will administer your learning agreement. Some changes may be necessary, for example if courses overlap on your timetable.

Your department will have notified the Admissions Office of your registration and will tell you how much you have to pay and how you can do so.

They will also provide you with information regarding special procedures, group appointments and common activities, as well as the Language & Culture Programme.

You will also meet your personal advisors there, who are more than likely the programme coordinator and/or the head of the degree programme

Degree-seeking students: Some fees are due every semester (mainly a registration fee, as well as the compulsory contribution to Mannheim Student Services). At the time of writing, the total sum is EUR 192.80 (you can check the current fees on the German website of the Student Service Office). Some international students might also have to pay tuition fees in Baden-Württemberg.

Exchange students: Your are exempt from the registration fee. For you, a reduced fee applies (currently EUR 110.30).

You can pay by bank transfer or at the bank counter by using the following information:

  • Recipient: Landesoberkasse Baden-Württemberg
  • IBAN: DE02600501017495530102
  • Reference Number: 8271990007283, YOUR ID NUMBER (Matrikelnummer) and NAME

Please note: without your ID number, your payment will not be valid and you will not be able to enrol.

Degree-seeking students: With a printed or stamped proof of payment, you can register at the Admissions Office. Your enrolment will be official as soon as the payment has arrived. Then your certificate of enrolment will be issued and sent to your address by post.

Exchange students: The International Office will enrol you and let you know when you can pick up your enrollment certificate and your HSCard.

All degree-seeking students must register with the Admissions Office.

Your admission letter you tell you when you need to register, the opening times and all required documents that you will need to submit. It will also include your future registration number, which will be your ID during your stay at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences.

To enrol, you must appear in person and bring your passport as well as the following documents:

  • a passport photo,
  • the compulsory declaration - filled out and signed,
  • all your relevant certificates (original or certified copies) which you previously sent as a copy; in some cases, these will be either verified by your department and/or the Admissions Office,
  • proof of having paid the semester fees (see above),
  • letter issued by your health insurance (see Health Insurance).

Make sure you get your address updated!

Within a few days after registration, a certificate of enrolment will be sent to your semester address. The document consists of several small-sized certificates which you can cut off and hand in where required.

Important: You will not register for particular courses. Instead, you will select an specific semester, e.g. 1st Biotechnology, and then attend the corresponding courses (compulsory and elective subjects).

As an exchange student, you will be registered at the department that admitted you and for the semester that matches your progress of study back home. Your actual schedule will be determined by your learning agreement and the timetables (to avoid courses overlapping).

Your HS-Card will accompany you during your studies. This is a multifunctional smart card that identifies you as a Mannheim University of Applied Sciences’ student and provides you with access to all the facilities, from the library to the computer center. It has also an optional function as a debit card with an autoload function for payments on Campus (canteen, cafeteria, photocopier, printer, etc.).

To get your HS-Card issued, you must have already obtained your certificate of enrolment and present it in Building H, Room 114 (opposite the Admissions Office).


Your email account will be available on the first day of the semester (1 March or 1 September) or on the first day of class at the latest. You can check here whether it has already been set up.

Please always use this official address when communicating with the university! 

You can find detailed information for new students from the Campus IT-Service (CIT) on their website. Select the English version of the "Infobrief für neue Studierende". This infoletter will tell you everything about your user ID and initial password etc.

Our central library offers introductory guided tours to first semester students in every study programme. This is highly recommended!

Find the date for your group visit here.

Off campus

The following process is going to be a bit of a vicious circle: you’ll need to complete one item in order to settle the next matter, and again another one to fix the first one.

Just keep calm — there will always be a solution.

You probably have pre-registered for a student insurance policy with help from the International Office.

  • You will first get a provisional member ID.
  • As soon as you have informed the IO about your bank data in Germany, you will officially be insured and you will obtain your final number as well as your insurance card.
  • The insurance company will also issue a document to be submitted to Hochschule Mannheim, which you will need to hand in at the time of enrolment. In order to avoid enroling too late, the admissions office will allow you to enrol without this document, but you really have to hand it in as soon as possible. Until then, your enrolment is provisional and you will not be able to continue studying, so please take this process very seriously!

In Germany, payments are usually made via bank transfer and you need a bank account for nearly everything.

Many banks offer special conditions for students and accounts at no charge. In turn, they usually require proof of regular incoming funds (e.g. scholarship or family allowance).

As soon as you have opened your bank account, you have to inform the International Office since they need this information for your health insurance and for accommodation (if you are staying in a residence hall).

You should also transfer the semester fees to Hochschule Mannheim as soon as possible in order to enrol and obtain your student benefits without further delay.

As soon as you have got your certificate of enrolment, you can purchase your semester ticket if you like. It is valid for 6 months and you can freely choose the starting month.

You can read more about the advantages under Cost of Living

To buy the semeter ticket, you must bring a certificate of enrolment to one of the selling points, for instance the Customer's Center (City Hall at N1, Paradeplatz) or at the Central Station.

Good news! If your are moving to Mannheim for your studies and staying here for a certain period, the City of Mannheim will sponsor your first semester ticket. This free semester ticket is only issued at the MVV counter at K7 (see next item: 'Registering with the City of Mannheim'). You must bring your certificate of enrolment and your certificate of registration as a new Mannheim citizen.

Those who are already living in Mannheim or will only stay for one semester cannot benefit from this promotion, but will still receive all advantages of the semester ticket as soon as they have registered with us.

If you have moved to Mannheim for your studies, you must register as a resident in K7 in downtown Mannheim (Citizens' Registration Office). This is compulsory within the first 14 days of your stay and applies to every person, independently of their nationality and is called 'Anmeldung'.

You will need to bring your personal documents as well as your contract for your accommodation. If you are moving to Mannheim from another address in Germany, you will also need the notice of departure ('Abmeldung') from your previous address. This process is called 'Ummeldung'.

After this registration, you can ask for your free semester ticket at the MVV counter in the same building.

If you entered Germany with a student visa, this is only valid for a short period and must be extended after enrolment at Hochschule Mannheim. You will need to make an appointment with the Foreigners' Registration Office at K7 (the same official building where you registered with the City of Mannheim).

Your advisor at our International Office will inform you about the procedure and the documents required in your personal case.

For remunerated activities you will need to know what is allowed for students and/or for non-EU nationals, if this is your case. You will more than likely have to apply for a work permit and an income tax card must be issued to you.

Once again, our International Office is the best place to go and get informed before you contact the respective office at K7.