Helping you

Studying in a different country involves more than just academic performance. You have to cope with a foreign language and culture and deal with unfamiliar social codes of conduct in everyday life. You will be exposed to different manners when interacting with lecturers and fellow students, as well as with authorities regarding all official issues and study regulations. Financial matters will also have to be taken in consideration. All these challenges must be taken seriously.

We are eager to offer all the help and support that you may need.

The following provides some basic information that you should be aware of.


In Germany, the national emergency phone number is 110.

Dial 112 if you need urgent medical attention but are not able to get to the hospital casualty department/emergency room on your own.

On Campus

Here are a few of your reliable partners at Hochschule Mannheim:

Career Center

International Office

German Language Programme

Student Service Center

Identify the responsible contact persons at your department.

Together on Campus

Do not hesitate to contact these services if you need any help, from social counselling to student parents support.

Psychological support

Available to all university members. They can help you get through any difficult circumstances due to exam anxiety, etc.

Do not hesitate to call and make an appointment:

+ 49 (0)621 49072-555