Language Center

You can see more about the activities of Hochschule Mannheim language Center here though this information is in German. As a potential applicant you may be more interested in the following:

German as a Foreign Language at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences

Our University offers German courses at all levels exclusively for registered students and exchange students from our partner universities abroad. Preparation for the DSH exam is reserved for students from specific international programmes.


German courses
(information in 3 languages)

CEFR Levels

LevelCEFRCoursePeriodNumber of teaching units**

A 1,1Beginners Intensive Before winter semester (September)*60
A 1,2 - A 2,2German 1Winter / summer semester  120
A 2,2 / B 1,1Supplementary 1September / 
50 - 60
IntermediateB 1,1 - B 2,2German 2Winter / summer semester 90
B 2,2Supplementary 2September / 
50 - 60
AdvancedB 2,2 - C 1German 3Winter / summer semester  90
Exam trainingDSH IntensiveSeptember / 
520 - 540

 * semester break
** 1 teaching unit is 45 minutes