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How much does it cost to study in Mannheim?

Tuition fees

Tuition fees for international degree-seeking students are very affordable in the state of Baden-Württemberg: only EUR 1,500 per semester (find out more here). Additionally, students pay some administrative fees (see below).

Exchange students from partner universities pay no tuition fees and a reduced amount regarding the administrative fees.

Monthly expenses

All in all, you will need approximately EUR 730-950 per month to cover all your expenses during your studies in Mannheim.

We recommend that you have about EUR 1,500 at your disposal at the beginning of the semester to cover all the one-off payments that usually arise (e.g. refundable deposit for your room).

Here is an overview of the expected monthly costs (at the time of writing):

Costs for:Monthly

(hall of residence, all included)

  EUR 250 - 400
Student canteen (lunch Mon-Fri)
Full lunch incl. drink + extras approx. EUR 4
approx. EUR 80
Other groceries, cafe visits, etc.approx. EUR 150
Health insuranceapprox. EUR 108
Ticket for public transport*
(currently EUR 185 per semester)
approx. EUR 30
Student Services fee
(currently EUR 120.30 per semester)
approx. EUR 20

Administration fee
(for degree-seeking students, currently EUR 70.00 per semester)

approx. EUR 12
Other (individual costs):
e.g. Internet, phone, clothing, toiletries, study material...
EUR 80 - 150
Total:approx. EUR 730 - 950

* You can find more details regarding the ticket for public transport in our Welcome Guide.