• The technical university of the Rhine-Neckar Metropole region
  • Modern-equipped university on a single-site campus
  • Wide range of disciplines and cross-disciplinary teaching
  • Practice orientated (but company-independent)
  • Excellent mentoring from mostly full-time professors
  • High level of practical experience
  • Research-orientated
  • International orientation
  • Nationally and internationally accredited degrees programmes
  • Close cooperation with companies, universities and research institutions
  • Excellent rankings

Mission Statement

Hochschule Mannheim – Mannheim University of Applied Sciences sees its primary mission as the training of highly-qualified, responsible, independently-minded and critical graduates who are able to present, discuss and implement solutions. To ensure this objective, the University maintains a close dialogue with business and society.

Through the practical orientation of our programmes and through our activities in applied research, we can guarantee the quality of up-to-date degree programmes. The University's outlook is global, and we actively promote international, scientific and cultural exchange between students. Our degree programmes increasingly focus on the demands and opportunities of the international community.

For more than 100 years, the Hochschule Mannheim – Mannheim University of Applied Sciences has been anticipating future educational demands. We can look back on a dynamic tradition and commitment to meeting future challenges with innovative educational concepts. To attain our ambitious goals, the University strives to create a work atmosphere between students, employees and professors which is characterised by mutual respect and open dialogue.