Electrical Engineering and Education, Bachelor (ELB)

At a glance


Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Length of course

7 semesters

No. of places available


Start of course

Winter semester

How to apply

Hochschule Mannheim
online via the application portal

Application deadline

15 July
(for the winter semester)

Admission requirements

General or specialised higher education entrance qualification, entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences or proof of equivalent previous education

Cooperative degree programme

Hochschule Mannheim - Department of Electrical Engineering, Heidelberg University of Education (Pädagogische Hochschule Heidelberg)


Course-related advice
Dean of Studies, Prof. Dr. Hauske

Application queries
Student Service Centre

General queries about bachelor's degree:
Department E Secretariat
+49 621 292-6265

Further informations
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To qualify as a teacher at a vocational school, students have to complete a master's degree programme and an 18-month internship after the bachelor's degree.

Teacher or engineer

Are you interested in becoming a teacher? Are you interested in electrical engineering?
Are you thinking about becoming a teacher or an engineer?

Decide later!
This unique electrical engineering and teaching course enables you to decide after you've completed your bachelor's.

How does it work?
Initial pedagogical content and an internship in a school are integrated into the electrical engineering bachelor's degree programme. In this way you can gain insights into the profession of a teacher and engineering work. You can thus decide on your career path while you're studying. 
The focus of the subsequent three-semester master's degree programme at the Heidelberg University of Education is on pedagogical content and teaching theory. 

Career prospects

The bachelor's degree provides you with a wide range of career options. One possibility is to keep working towards becoming a teacher, while another is to apply to work in industry as an engineer, or complete your studies with an engineering master's degree programme. Teaching is not your only option.  

Teaching profession
If you decide to become a teacher, an 18-month internship follows the successful completion of a master's degree programme.
 Afterwards, you can teach in technical sixth form colleges, engineering colleges, vocational schools etc. There is a major lack of young talent in all these types of schools, meaning that you have a high chance of finding a job anywhere in Germany.