International activities at Hochschule Mannheim

International partner universities and institutions

Hochschule Mannheim, University of Applied Sciences has a large number of cooperative agreements with companies, universities and research institutions all over the world. This international network facilitates frequent student and staff exchange and the university’s active participation in the global transfer of knowledge.

International experiences for HMA students

Hochschule Mannheim systematically prepares its students for the opportunities and challenges presented by a global labour market. At present, about a quarter of our students take advantage of the existing network of associated companies and universities to spend at least one semester abroad during their studies as so-called outgoing students. Today, international experience is high up among the key qualifications expected of young graduates. Numerous activities and institutions at the Hochschule Mannheim support students in their efforts to gain this kind of experience. 

The Language Centre provides instruction in the most important languages of the international community, thus enabling students to overcome language barriers with ease. The International Office advises students on all matters pertaining to study, practical experience and residence in other countries. The University also has a scholarship programme for those requiring financial assistance for a period of study abroad.

Incoming students at HMA

Hochschule Mannheim itself is a highly attractive location for international students. About 12% of the young people enrolled here are non-German, hailing from more than 90 countries all over the world. With their different cultural backgrounds they greatly enliven the atmosphere on campus and broaden the horizons of our German students.

Bachelor programmes in various subjects are alternatively available in English, while the Master programme in Biotechnology is conducted entirely in this language. This makes it easier for many international students to acclimatise to their new surroundings. These students can always turn to the International Office for help and advice, for example when applying for a room in a hall of residence. 

You can find more information for incoming students (exchange and degree-seeking) here.

International doctoral students and researchers

Hochschule Mannheim is one of the largest and most research-active universities in Baden-Württemberg and nationwide. There is particular potential in their profile with interfaces between engineering and life sciences, social services, design and business. Its researchers are increasingly working in an interdisciplinary manner and are looking for solutions to the challenges of the future.

Hochschule Mannheim has defined three interdisciplinary guiding themes for research, teaching and transfer. The research topics of our scientists are oriented towards the challenges of society. They follow the future fields of the European Union, the future strategy of the Federal Government and the innovation strategy of the state of Baden-Württemberg. There are specific research priorities under the three guiding themes:

  • Healthy life and quality of life (medical biotechnology, medical informatics, medical technology, nursing and health sciences)
  • Digital economy and society (information and communication technologies, green IT, data security, intelligent sensor technology)
  • Sustainable economy, energy and environment (regenerative energy systems, resource efficiency, materials research, production and process technology)

International researchers joining Hochschule Mannheim for a while can find some helpful guidance in our Welcome Guide for International Researchers.