Tandem Language Learning at HS Mannheim


Tandem language learning can involve any language taught at HS Mannheim. This system offers two students with different first languages the opportunity to learn and use a new language authentically. The partners have the freedom to manage their programme but meet regularly for language exchange.
The Language Centre helps in bringing the partners together even if they do not attend language classes and we are always available for questions.


Flexibility in organisation, training for the professional career and gaining an insight into another culture, intercultural training.

The opportunity to practise speaking freely and learning from each other

You can decide on what aspects of the language to practise

Tandem language learning

Learning diary


You will be awarded a certificate after you have met at least 10 times and can show us your completed learning diary.
Here are a few useful tips. We wish you fun and success in tandem learning

Kristin Layer (Spanish teacher) k.layer@hs-mannheim.de
Katrin Heimel (German teacher) k.heimerl@hs-mannheim.de