At the end of your stay

Have you have graduated? Is your exchange semester at an end? These are good reasons to celebrate!

Before you wrap up your stay, make sure that everything involving any kind of contract (such as accommodation) has been resolved.

Exchange students

As a non-degree-seeking student, your registration expires automatically.

Contact our International Office before leaving. You will very likely need a certificate (e.g. for Erasmus+ programmes).

In order to have your credits transferred to your home institution, your grades must be certified as defined in the respective learning agreement.

You can generate a PDF document in English on the POS platform; once stamped and signed, it can be used as a certificate, or otherwise serve as credentials for issuing a personal document.

It is highly recommended that you take the actual, physical certificate with you back home. Contact the responsible person in your department in a timely fashion and provide them with all the necessary information.

After graduation

Our Career Center offers valuable advice and support for graduates and those interested in start-ups, as well as information about mentoring programmes and professional training.


The university's Alumni Network MAlumni would be glad to welcome you to their career platform.

Many former students maintain contact through the use of different social media, and most departments stay in contact with their former students through their own associations.

Regular students

After concluding your studies, or in preparation to leave the university without a degree, you must undergo the Exmatrikulation procedure, i.e. to have yourself removed from the list of enrolled students. By simply skipping registration for the following semester, you will eventually be officially disenrolled, which could have consequences for continuing your studies somewhere else (proof of disenrolment at the former university is often required, e.g. at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences itself!).

The disenrolment procedure is not complicated. You only need to download the necessary form from the Intranet, collect some signatures and submit it.


In order to have your degree certificate issued to you, please contact the responsible person in the Examination Office.

Unlike other universities, there is no official graduation ceremony at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences.

Instead, departments usually organise a so-called Absolventenfeier, an informal dinner for all the graduates of a particular year. You will receive an invitation, but if you want to save the date in advance, ask in your department or visit their site.